The year of the snake... or something like that.

As of February 10th, we've all officially made it to the Chinese "year of the snake".

If I had to come up with a name for last year, it would have been the "year of the architects".


Last summer, I was beyond lucky enough to land an internship in Chicago with a boutique eco-architectural firm. My boss was an incredibly talented woman who went to school in London, worked in California and then opened up her own shop in Chicago.

Crazy cool influence.

I spent three months surrounded by some seriously talented architects, then literally 3 days after I moved back to Florida I met Sean, my very own architect. It was one of the things that we instantly bonded over.

So, obviously, I've developed an appreciation for architects, buildings, aesthetics, and design.

Sean actually introduced me to the work of an incredible architect, Tom Kundig. Kundig studied geophysics before he changed in architecture at the University of Washington. He spent some time hiking, skiing and climbing before he dedicated himself to his craft and its apparent when you look at his work. So many of his designs allude to nature and are rooted in the landscape surrounding them.

I'm all about the clean but approachable appeal these homes have and I love that they look contemporary and comfortable at the same time.

Who are your favorite architects/designers?

Do you like to spend hours scrolling through the AD website, like I do? ...No?

Well, give it try!

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