Getting out

This weekend is the first in a month that I don't have a family function, school obligation, or work.

Three whole days to do whatever I please! The weather has been so absolutely perfect, so I'd like to take advantage of it and get out in the sun. Sean and I are going on a cruise in a few weeks so we have been doing our best to eat clean and healthy (other than the chicken wings we splurged for last night.. whoops!) and exercise.

Neither of us are runners. I can stubbornly and painstakingly make it through a mile, but I always feel like I could roll over and die afterwards... and Sean would rather be waterboarded. Rather than torture ourselves I want to try some new outdoorsy activities that will make us break a sweat and help us work on our tans.

First is Paddleboarding. 

For those of you who know me, stop laughing. 

I know my questionable balance, poor coordination, and overall lack of athleticism makes it hard to imagine me gliding across the water standing on an oversized surfboard, but I'm going to give it a go! 

Think of all the sun we'll get! Plus, my guns will be looking pretty impressive after pushing myself around all day. 

It's a win-win. 

I'm also thinking about signing us up for sailing lessons. 

Whenever I think about sailing I envision, the Kennedy's in white shorts and open button downs relaxing on a beautiful boat, Ray-Ban-clad faces turned to the sun. 

I know without a doubt that I will probably be red in the face, huffing and puffing with hair in my face, cursing the day I decided to cut bangs... but a girl can dream. 

Do you have any recommendations on outdoorsy activities? 

P.S.- This meme has always made me laugh! 

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