As one of my graduation gifts my grandparents are taking me to a fancy lunch and mini-shopping spree this afternoon!

I'm going to drink some good chardonnay and chat about how I haven't quite found my dream job yet. (It HAS only been a week and a half you guys, I haven't even gotten my diploma in the mail yet!)

Then we're going to mosey on to pick up a new pair of sunnies.

I have about a hundred pairs from Target, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. But, if anyone is going to take me seriously as a professional I'm going to need a nice pair of sunglasses right??

Most importantly though, we're going on a cruise in three weeks and I'll need them to block that bright Bahamian sun.

Originally I was thinking a classic pair of Ray-Ban Aviators, but I might go a little crazy and get something trendy... It probably depends on how much wine I drink.

How is your week going? Anything exciting happening?

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