Sean and I did something spontaneous and took a pre-vacation-vacation. We skipped off to my parents cabin the woods for a three day weekend in the smoky mountains. 

We got there laaatttee friday night and woke up to a perfectly chilly mountain morning. 

That afternoon, I lounged in the grass, sipped on an ice-cold beer and painted on a few rocks that I nabbed out of the creek. 

And played with these creepy wax worms.

And watched my man fish. 

I tried to catch some trout, but they weren't buying what I was selling. 

My man snagged one though! He cleaned it and we cooked it for dinner, but not without setting the smoke alarm off and spending some time with a few of Franklin's finest volunteer fire fighters. 

On Sunday we headed over to Asheville to drink, shop and leave the cooking up to someone else. 

Crazy good quail and cole slaw.

This was quite possibly the best fried chicken I've ever had. If you're ever in Asheville, get over to Seven Sows

The drive home was gorgeous and made all the more fun with the views and the CD we bought from an awesome NOLA based string band, Yes Ma'am, that happened to be playing on the street in Asheville. 

This mini-getaway was relaxing, romantic and just what the doctor ordered. 

P.S.- Check out this video of Yes Ma'am in New Orleans, I'd buy their album again in a heartbeat. 

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