Saturday on the water

This week has been a busy one for both Sean and I. He commutes back and forth to his job in DeLand and I was busy between the three different families I nanny for, interning and assisting for Yoanna House and Jacksonville Fashion Week, as well as serving up some wine and craft beers at a little place I work at from time to time around the corner from my parents house, so we were more than ready for a day to ourselves. 

Preferably on the water. 

After a couple cups of coffee, we grabbed a few subs and drove down to Faver-Dykes State Park. For a bargain $5/hour we rented a canoe and spent some time fishing and chatting. The weather was just a little overcast, but beautiful none the less. We were practically alone on the water, save a few other older couples paddling by in kayaks and canoes. 
I kicked back for a bit and let my man do all of the paddling. 

We only caught this one little guy.

I was never much of a fisherwoman before I met Sean, but have gradually come to love it. Probably not as much as he does, (I still enjoy lounging on the beach in a bikini with a cocktail and a great book while he wades out and casts his heart out) but I'm getting there! 

Now we're off to actually eat some seafood (that someone else caught) at a great little place in St.Aug that's been here forever. Fried shrimp, green beans and sweet tea from O'Steen's is about as southern as it gets. 

I hope your weekend is proving to be as laid-back as mine! 

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