Target does it again.

I have always loved Target.

We've all heard and seen the memes and honestly, can you really leave target with just one thing?

Vanilla Orchid and Amber scented candle?

Sunglasses, cardigans, throw pillows and adult-sized onesies?

I came for a measly tube of toothpaste and left with a trunk full of wildly unnecessary goodies.

I recently stumbled upon a instagram/pinterest account, "target does it again", that has proven to be a menace to my bank account.  These beautiful, trendy girls go to target and then instagram their favorite finds.
Like these.
And this. 

And then when I saw a post about sneaker wedges I was done for. I've been lusting this pair forever, so when I found out that these studded little beauties could be mine for only $34.99 I raced over and made them mine. 

They make a fabulous addition to my rapidly growing shoe collection and I've worn them almost every day. 

If you're on Instagram, you can follow them at @targetdoesitagain, but remember you and your wallet have been warned! 

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