Morning Routine

I'm a morning person.

Always have been, hopefully always will be.

I love to wake up about an hour and half before I have to leave the house, so that I can grab a cup of coffee or tea and cuddle with my laptop before the day starts.

I check my email, facebook, twitter, instagram and all of that jazz, then I really cozy up and start my blogroll. 

Obviously I love blogs, I wouldn't have started my own if I hadn't been following and admiring other people's! I love that when you read someone's blog you feel like you're sitting right across from them, comfortable and at ease with an old friend. 

So here are my favorites, the ones that gather the most inspiration and entertainment from! 

A Cup of Jo was one of the first blogs I ever started reading. Joanna lives in NYC with her husband and precious little boy. She is a former magazine writer, who blogs about food, fashion, motherhood and the big apple. 

Rosie from The Londoner's blog is definitely one that I emulate. She blogs about travel, food, fashion and parties. She is witty and gorgeous and if I ever get to London I plan to try a few of the restaurants she's suggested! 

I've got a little bit of a girl-crush on Nicole from Hourglass and Bloom. She runs a pretty little lifestyle blog and writes about all of the things I love; food, fashion, and travel. 

Design*Sponge always makes me want to go get crafty. Grace posts about homes, appliances, recipes, business women and so so much more. I found DS through my last internship in Chicago. My boss Lisa Elkins, was featured a few years ago! Plus, I love that there's always a new post when I pull up her page. 

The Art of Being an Intern is my friend Shannon's blog! She takes beautiful pictures and posts about awesome videos, articles and all of the great things she has going on in her life! 

Design Hunter is a beautiful blog about architecture, interior design and landscape. Kim always finds the most unique and contemporary homes to post about. I developed a love for architecture and design, working for a boutique eco-architectural firm in Chicago last summer and then really cultivated a love for it when I started dating my boyfriend Sean, who went to school for architecture out in San Diego. 

Last, but not least, is Cupcakes and Cashmere. Emily started her blog for fun and it has turned into her career. She blogs about the most lovely things; her adorable apartment, her delicate handmade jewelry and a million brilliant craft ideas. 

I'm always looking to add to my morning blogroll, so if you've found a good one... Let me know! 

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