Crunchy Mustard Mahi

I ordered the perfect dress for Valentine's Day this year (I'll blog about it later!)

It's flirty, pink and will not be very forgiving on this holiday-food-binging-body of mine.

So, I had planned on doing Yoga or Pilates everyday and sticking to this diet:

I started day one with the best of intentions, I ran to Publix and bought fresh apples, cherries, blueberries, and cantaloupe. 

I happily munched on an apple in the morning, but slowly as the day went on the berries and melon just weren't cutting it. I caught myself staring enviously at Callan's chicken nuggets, then broke down and had organic mac & cheese and some turkey slices for lunch (still pretty boring). 

But then for dinner I found (on Pinterest, of course) this DELICIOUSLY easy mustard, almond, dill fish recipe. 


I chose Mahi instead of Cod or Halibut (because the Mahi filets just looked prettier), skipped the spinach (because wilted greens are not my thing) and used dry roasted almonds instead of the raw natural ones. 

I spent about 15 minutes crushing up almonds, zesting lemons, and chopping dill, then put the fish in the oven for 10. 

This was by far the most simple and scrumptious thing I've ever made. 

Sean loves anything with Grey Poupon and dill so I knew he would dig it. He devoured and dubbed it "Crunchy Mustard Mahi"

... and it's here to stay. 

Do you have any quick and delicious recipes to share? 

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