Valentine's Day Dress

Valentine's day is literally just around the corner!

Sean and I both have work or school all day, but we were able to snag a reservation at Collage for Thursday night, lucky ducks! I had ordered a dress from Nastygal that I thought would be the perfect balance of sweet, sexy and flirty.

Precious right? 

I received it in the mail about a week ago and was practically running inside to try it on and...

I might has well have wrapped myself in saran-wrap and called it a day. It was so teeny tiny and I knew that there was no way I could work off that little bit of extra holiday weight before February 14th. 

So the hunt was on for a new dress. I contemplated ordering off line again, but was afraid the dress would come too late or not fit right. 

Then after watching this beautifully done short film on the Free People site, I ran on over to Belk and began to dig through all of the gorgeous, bohemian frocks and tah-dah! I found my dress! 

It's not quite as festive as the first, but it's beyond comfortable and I'll be free to gorge on all of the incredible food we'll be eating! 

It was on sale, so I haven't been able to find it on the website, but pop on over, they have some really beautiful pieces right now.

What are your valentine's day plans? Do you have a hot date or are you going out to dance on some tables with your best friends? Either is fine, as long as you have fun! 


  1. They're both gorgeous but that pink one is HOT!!


  2. I know! If only it didn't accent every single one of my flaws! I'll keep it around for a birthday or something!