Product Freak...

It's true. I'm a total product junkie.

I worked in hair salons and spas for three years (before I ran off to Chicago and then came back and picked up the nanny/intern gig), so I was constantly confronted by some of the best products on the market.

Hair serums, exfoliators, nail strengtheners, Retin-A, teeth whiteners, shampoos, conditioners, overnight masks, the list goes on forever!!

Since I haven't been working around these products and being an unpaid intern has left me beyond broke, my passion has ebbed considerably.

However, I found something that satisfies my need to moisturize, manicure, scrub and smooth....

BirchBox!! Tada!

Birchbox is a lovely little monthly care-package full of beauty-goodies. For $10 a month, you get a box of happiness delivered, right to your door. 

I heard about it last year and got on the waiting list as fast as I could. 

Birchbox is perfect for me because I get to try new things, but don't have to commit to the full size. I can use it a few times and then by the time my A.D.D. kicks in, the next month's box is there! 

It's a dream come true. 

Here are my favorites from this month's box:

1. Madewell for Birchbox Nail Emery Board- Because I always need a new one to stash in my purse. 

2. MAKE Dual-Phase Eye Makeup Remover- I usually just use makeup removing wipes at night to take off any mascara or eyeliner, but it's good to switch it up a little bit. This stuff makes your makeup disappear in one swipe! 

3. MAKE Silk Cream Lipstick in Maraschino Cherry- I haven't fully embraced the red lipstick thing, because I've got pencil thin lips, but this little guy lets me test in out in the comfort of my own home (i.e.; not in Sephora where I'm bombarded by sales ladies and bored husbands looking at me like I'm crazy for putting on and wiping of lipstick a million times) 

4. Macadamia Natural Oil: Healing Oil Treatment- I'm a lover of hair oils. I've tried dozens of contenders and have my favorites. I put them in my hair when it's damp, on my skin when it's dry, I'll even dab some on my neck as perfume! This one smells so warm and makes your hair feel like silk, but be warned.... a little goes a loonnngggg way. 

I'm already excited to see what the ladies over at BB have in store for April's box! I'm hoping for some kind of floral perfume and moisturizing sun block.... But we'll see! 

After all of this bragging on these lovely high end products, I figured I would share with you my number one, all time favorite product. 

Are you ready? 

It's super expensive, really hard to find and is my best kept secret...

Just kidding, it's Cetaphil. 

Seriously though, this stuff has morphed my dry, itchy skin in to the soft, supple stuff of my dreams! 

I know, I know, it's the equivalent of toxic sludge and is in no way organic, vegan or paraben-free, but we all have flaws right? 

I slather myself in the stuff the second I hop out of the shower and continue my day feeling luxuriously soft. 

What are your favorite products? Any I should try?

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