A little mind vomit...

The count down to graduation has begun, or well now it's more of an appropriate time to begin the countdown. Technically I started it about a year ago.

Funny thing is, I'm really kind of nervous about it now.

I keep thinking that it's like being in a really long line to ride a roller-coaster, waiting impatiently for hours and then you get there. You're standing in front of your seat and you think.. Just kidding! This is terrifying! I don't want to go anymore! And you exit embarrassingly in front of all of the people that actually want to ride it.

I've wanted my freedom for so long, now I can practically taste it and I'm freaking out!

Should I take a break?

Should I get a real job and make big-girl money with benefits and start paying my car insurance?

Should I just keep babysitting and spending all of my money on hair products and dresses from Urban Outfitters?

I don't know! I kind of want to keep taking classes and plan hypothetical events, and write fake press releases and make personal profile videos about my friends.

But oh well... the time is almost upon me and I'm going to have to suck it up and figure it out.

Welcome to adulthood, right?

For today though, I'm babysitting in a Star Wars t-shirt.

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