As you've probably noticed, TRC has gotten a little bit of a makeover!

Originally, I had resisted doing anything fancy, because I didn't want to take blogging so seriously that I stopped having fun. However, I've decided that I do love my blog and I want it to look like it!


My sister from another mister, best friend, & partner in crime Shannon LeDuke , designed a new logo and updated a few things for my little ol' blog.

Shan and I met five years ago at a halloween party in high school, bonded over a love of reading, indie music and the Olsen twins and have been attached at the hip ever since.

When we were just little babies! 

Shannon has quite an impressive resume, including (but not limited to) screenwriting, blogging and some internships in Cannes! She is an incredible friend, fabulous mother and talented writer. Skip on over to The Art of Being an Intern, and check it out for yourself! 

Thank you so so much S, I love ya! 

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