I'm probably the 1 millionth person to gush on about HBO's "Girls" but I just can't help it!

The writing is witty, the actors are phenomenal and the fashion is inspiring. It is raunchy and a little x-rated (lots of foul language/nudity), but if you like Sex & the City, or Breaking Bad, or Shameless then you know what you're in for.

AND I have some serious crushes on a few of the stars!

Lena Dunham created, directed, writes, co-executive produces and stars in the show, and I thought I was busy.

Not only does Jemima Kirke star as "Jessa" in the show, but she's a pretty accomplished artist as well. Oh, and she's gorgeous and hilarious and I like to try and channel her character whenever I feel overwhelmed and want it to seem like nothing bothers me... Which is pretty frequently.  

If you have HBO, you can catch "Girls" on Sundays at 9pm eastern time. If not, plan a "Girls Night" (see what I did there?) with someone who DOES have it and watch it together! 

Or watch it at your bosses house while their kiddos are napping like me! 

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