Weekend Wrap Up

I'm having a serious case of the mondays today.

I spent the day looking frazzled, chasing a 2-year-old around the mall trying to convince him to eat his chicken nuggets while promising to take him on a train ride.

It's impossible to be mad at that face! 

This past weekend, however was pure bliss. 

Saturday, Sean and I slept in late, moseyed our way to the Old City Farmer's Market and took in all of the fresh produce, hand crafted goods and delicious muffins.

I wore my new wool hat from American Apparel. 

Sean was REALLY excited that it was Saturday! 

Freshly baked whole wheat bread! Sooo delicious. 

Sweet organic strawberries.

Gorgeous herbs. 

Afterwards, we went to our favorite beach spot and I lounged in the sun while Sean fished his heart out. 

A Corona and some Hemingway for me! 

Snoozin' in the sand. 


On Sunday, Sean worked on his boat and I sat in front of my MacBook admiring my blog's new layout. 

We were able to steal away later, to see Zero Dark Thirty. It was awesome and I would definitely recommend you take the time to go see it. 

How was your weekend? 

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