The Green One

I've been seeing a lot of blog postsarticles and advertisements about "Juicing" (The process of extracting juice from plant tissues such as fruit or veggies) and have been wanting to try some of the green, orange and red juices I've heard about.

I planned to just up and buy a juicer, but once I realized that a good one goes for $150+, I figured I would pop on over to my closest health store and give one a go before I really committed.

I swung by Native Sun this morning and took a gander at their selection. My first instinct was to order one of the all fruit juices, but decided that I wanted to go big or go home and got "The Green One" (Cucumber, Kale, Broccoli, and Apples) then waited patiently as the beanie wearing girl behind the counter made my drink.

I took my first sip and wasn't sure how I felt...

Then took another... 

Then I finally decided it wasn't half bad. 

I'll probably try each one of the juices that Native Sun has to offer before I buy a mac-daddy juicer

I would definitely recommend you try them too, or if you already juice/have a juicer, what are some killer recipes? 


  1. I haven't committed to the gigantic price tag (even Costco's are super expensive) of the juicer, but I do swing by my local health food store and fight my way through the Lululemon and birkinstocks to the juice counter.
    Try one with beet juice - OMG sooooo good. Just don't spill any on you.
    And, if you do the green ones I suggest throwing in at least one strong flavored fruit like pineapple to take away some of the earthy-ness.

    Love this post!

  2. Ha! There wasn't a line at 8 a.m. this morning, but the girl at the counter was less than pleased that I had the gall to bother her to do her job.
    Beet is next! Thanks for all of the positive feedback, I love love love your blog too!